Personalized coaching for current and future college leaders

What is personalized leadership coaching?

Sometimes referred to as executive coaching, personalized leadership coaching is a partnership between the coach and the leader in which the leader is able to confidentially explore and clarify desired achievements, engage in self-discovery, identify solutions, and gain competency in new areas.

Who benefits from personalized leadership coaching?

  • Boards of Trustees who want to ensure their president has a successful, long-term tenure.
  • Presidents who need a confidential sounding board to explore new ideas, enhance or refresh their leadership style, or move into new areas of competency.
  • Presidents who wish to retain their best team members and ensure that an internal leadership pipeline exists for succession planning.
  • New or interim presidents who want to successfully navigate the first 6 months to a year of their presidencies.
  • Vice presidents, deans, directors, or faculty who are considering the next step in their careers.

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Why personalized leadership coaching now?

Over the next several years, it is estimated that nearly 40% of college presidents will retire, leaving colleges with unprecedented opportunities to focus on the way leaders are recruited, prepared, and evaluated. (Kresge Foundation).

In this new environment, colleges need innovative ways to develop, attract, and retain leadership talent to ensure their organizations remain vibrant and focused on student success.

Personalized leadership coaching is a high-impact professional development tool that helps support existing and emerging leaders by building leadership strengths, enhancing creativity, and unlocking potential.

At College Leadership Coaching, we provide colleges with the needed tools and incentives to develop leadership from different areas throughout a college.

We provide:

  • Coaching for current and future leaders
  • Support and onboarding for new or interim presidents
  • Leadership and succession planning assessments
  • Internal leadership program development

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