Personalized coaching for current and future college leaders


Every president needs someone to confidentially discuss what’s going on for them as leaders. Andrea has been that person for me. She listens deeply and helps me see the possibilities. I call her my “truth teller.” Working with her has been tremendous. I highly recommend her.

~ Current College President


Andrea served as my coach and mentor during the first 6 months of my interim presidency. Her coaching and insightful advice were instrumental in helping me navigate both the opportunities and the expectations of my new role. The extensive experience offered by Andrea enabled me to quickly implement successful practices that I would likely have otherwise overlooked. Additionally, she really helped me focus on communications and messaging with multiple constituencies, including the Board of Trustees, that contributed to my confirmation as the permanent president. Andrea was highly instrumental in the success I experienced in my new position, and it’s without hesitation that I recommend her coaching for new presidents.

~ Current College President


I worked with Andrea for 10 years while serving as the President at two colleges. She was my most trusted staff person in a variety of roles and was my “go to” person to lead many initiatives. I have continually been impressed with her insightfulness and creativity. She is a gifted communicator, can analyze situations quickly, come up with plans, and implement them effectively. Perhaps her greatest strength is her ability to work with people. She is an excellent listener which fosters a sense of trust and teamwork. She manages to take controversial initiatives, organize people around a set of values and goals, and come through it with style and grace so that people feel empowered and valued. I highly recommend her.

~ Sharon McGavick, College President, Retired


After many years of educational administrative experience, I still find Andrea Olson’s words and perspective relevant, wise, and helpful. Her knowledge of the educational system and its affiliated communities (i.e. funding sources, state legislature, non-profit organizations, and civic groups) provides her with a unique and powerful understanding of the worlds in which we operate and live.

Andrea is knowledgeable about factors that influence human performance at the highest level. This understanding coupled with an objective and discerning viewpoint results in honest feedback and support. Whether you are an experienced educational leader or new to your position, you will benefit greatly from Andrea’s guidance and coaching skills. The professional advice and self-awareness you will gain through working with her is invaluable.

~ Lori Banaszak, Vice President of Instruction, Retired